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Jeep Wrangler TJ 2 Piece Hardtop Half Door Instructions


To safely lift and install this hardtop, you will need the assistance of at least one other person.

Follow the instructions and perform the steps in the sequence given. Short cuts to the directions may result in an unsatisfactory installation.


The top on this vehicle is designed only for additional protection against the elements.

Do not rely on the top to contain occupants within the vehicle or to protect against intrusion of foreign objects, nor injury during an accident.

Make sure all brackets and screws are tight. Periodically check for tightness and retighten when necessary.


Parts included in the installation kit:

  • 6 each - Bolt 5/16 x 18 x 1 1/4
  • 6 each - Nut 5/16 x 18
  • 9 each - Washer 5/16
  • 3 each - Wing Nut 5/16
  • 3 each - Side Brackets
  • 1 each - Center Bracket
  • Instructions

Jeep Wrangler TJ 2 Piece Hardtop Half Door Installation

1. Unzip side windows and remove.

2. Unzip rear window and remove.

3. Pull back bar to disengage and remove.

4. Pull down on corners and disengage.

5. Pry open side connections with screwdriver.

6. Remove side connections to door frame.

7. Disengage soft top from windshield.

8. Pull back soft top.

9. Remove bolt from soft top frame.

10. Pry off soft top frame from roll bar.

11. Remove soft top.

12. Unscrew door pins & remove frames.

13. Remove rear bar holders.

14. See pre-installation instruction sheet.

15. Do not remove front corner seal.

16. Using 2 or more people put the rear section on, followed by the front section.

17. Sit in the front seat. Make sure the windshield stop is not hung up on the ! molding. It should look like this.

19. Make sure the front section is centered on the windshield. Push it from the side to center it.

20. Install the flange bolts on the side rails and tighten lightly.

21. Install the side clamps, using the washers and wing nuts. The clamp should be installed with the 90 degree angle facing the back and inward. Do not tighten.

Using a side clamp bracket and the center bracket. Install the center support, using the washer and wing nut.

Try the doors to make sure you have proper clearance. Too tight and the door seal will stick, too loose and the door will leak wind. Adjust by moving the rear top back.

24. Engage the front cam locks, adjust to medium tension. Look at the windshield in the front, the top should be down

Tighten the rear flange bolts. Tight the 3 front section wing nuts. Very slowly shut the rear door, make sure it is not binding. Now swing the gate closed.

Your Done........Enjoy

Things to check

Before you tighten down the flange bolts make sure the top is centered on the windshield. Make sure the top is equal distance in both corners.

Sit in the front seat and look up at the windshield. Make sure the windshield stop is not hug up on the molding. It should look like this.

Check to make sure the clearance between the door and the top looks like this. Too close will pinch the door seal. Too much clearance will cause air leakage.