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Jeep CJ-5 Hardtops and Resources To Find a CJ5 Top

Jeep CJ5 - Early Model CJ5


Looking for CJ5's from this generation to test fit in the Los Angeles area.

Introduced in 1954 by the Kaiser Corporation, the CJ-5 was based on the Korean War model M-38A1. Nearly 30 years in production, the CJ-5 model outlasted all other Jeep production runs by a comfortable margin. Many Jeep special editions were made over the years. They include The Tuxedo Park, The Camper, The 462, The Renegade 1, The Renegade 2, The Super Jeep and The Golden Eagle.

In 1970, Kaiser Jeep was purchased by American Motors Corporation. The following years, AMC began using their inline 6 cylinder engines and in 1972 they offered a V-8. To accomodate the new engines, the hood was stretched 3". In 1976, the tub and frame were modified slightly from the earlier versions. The windshield frame was also changed, meaning that tops from 1955-1975 will not fit the 1976-1983 Jeep CJ-5s or vice versa.

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