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Jeep CJ-5 Hardtops and Resources To Find a CJ5 Top

Jeep CJ5 Hardtops

Hi Jerry, I finally put the top on, very little adjustment needed, the rainy Season has started and I’m warm and dry.

I’m very pleased with the end result. 

I will prep the body for paint next summer. 

Jerry thanks for everything. I have had allot of compliments on your top, looksAnd works GREAT!!!

Don Booth

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Get Your Jeep CJ5 1976-1983 hard tops now...

  • Hardtops and Doors - $1995
  • Hardtop sold separately - $1095
  • Doors sold separately - $1095

  • Tops will only work with full hard doors made by Rally Tops.
  • Tops will not work with any full soft door. Except the lower half of a Bestop Supertop door.
  • Special orders tops are not returnable.


  • Sun Roof - $320
  • Roof Rack - $325
  • Brake Light - $50
  • Dome Light (battery operated) - $35

Jeep CJ5

Late Model CJ5 1976-1983

Lightweight and easy to install. A Rally Top gives new life to your Sport Utility Vehicle. With a “Great Look”, your Rally Top, not only increases the value of your SUV, but you’ll notice a quieter ride. Your air-conditioner and heater will be more efficient. You won’t have to worry about somebody cutting your soft top to get to your valuables.

Highest Quality Textured Exterior Finish
Our hardtops are painted with a single stage UV resistant paint. White, Black or Tan are standard colors.
Safety Glass
The side windows and rear hatch are DOT Approved tempered safety glass.
Tinted Glass
The windows and rear hatch are tinted 31% to the maximum allowable by law.
Fully Carpeted
The inside of our tops are finished in a mildew resistant gray carpet. This not only looks great, but it helps keep the road noise out.
Reduced Road and Wind Noises
Our use of “Weather Guard” drastically cuts the interior noise level. You can carry on a conversation without raising your voice. Your sound systems will sound better.
Weather Insulated
Our use of “Weather Guard” also insulates the interior from the outside elements. Your air conditioners and heaters will be much more efficient.
Rear Hatch Opens with Dual Gas Struts
Your rear hatch will come up with a flick of the wrist, by extra strong gas props. They are guaranteed to keep your rear hatch up, even during off roading.
Dual Locking Keyed Rear Hatch
There is a keyed lock in each corner of the rear hatch.

To Place Order for Hardtops - CALL Jerry@(800) 664-8677

To Ask a Question about Jeep hardtops - E-mail: Jerry(AT)rallytops.com


Your Rally Top will come with all the necessary parts to complete your installation. To safely lift and install this hardtop, you will need the assistance of at least one other person.

Follow the instructions and perform the steps in the sequence given. Short cuts to the directions may result in an unsatisfactory installation.

The following instructions are examples of the installation. Please follow the instructions that are included with your Rally Top.

installation Instructions (HTML)

installation Instructions (PDF)

Project Renegade

Jan. 17, 2009
Our first top and doors are out of the mold. Everything has been checked out and we are ready to take orders for the late model years from 1976-1983.

Jeep CJ5 Doors

Jeep CJ5 Hard Tops

Jeep CJ5 Hardtops

Nov. 14, 2008
After thinking about it for a while, we came up with a Jeep CJ 5 hardtop design to incorporate the soft half door and the full door. So now you will have both door options. The full doors will be coming along soon. The keyed lock has been installed and we added a storage compartment to the lower part of the door.

cj5 door design

cj-5 door fab

jeep door mold

Oct. 20, 2008

We started on the hardtop this week. We got a Acme top and doors. First we need to square up the hardtop, redesign the windows, rear door and door openings. I got a set of 2 piece Bestop soft doors and put them on with the hardtop. No way for them to work. So we will concentrate on making a hardtop and a full fiberglass door. Iʼll give you an update in a few weeks.

Happy Trails,

Project Renegade

Oct. 8, 2008
We got us a CJ5! Itʼs a 1981 with a 350 Chevy automatic in it. Itʼs a real screamer. Lots of fun to drive.

Project Renegade

Aug. 08 2008

Rally Tops is going to produce a hardtop for the Jeep CJ5ʼs. We are going to start with the Generation 2 model (1976-1983). I need your feedback about this. I get about 10-15 CJ5 guys hitting the site everyday looking for a hardtop. The hardtop is no problem, we have been producing our own hardtops since 1985. The question that I am posing to you is about the doors. As it stands now, Iʼm leaning towards using the Bestop® 2 piece soft door. It can be used as a full door or a half door. It comes complete with the hinges and the latching mechanism. Please call me or email me, with your thoughts, so that we can make the right product for this Great American Legend.


Jerry Mancini

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To Ask a Question about Jeep hardtops - E-mail: Jerry(@)rallytops.com

Introduced in 1954 by the Kaiser Corporation, the CJ-5 was based on the Korean War model M-38A1. Nearly 30 years in production, the CJ-5 model outlasted all other Jeep production runs by a comfortable margin. Many Jeep special editions were made over the years. They include The Tuxedo Park, The Camper, The 462, The Renegade 1, The Renegade 2, The Super Jeep and The Golden Eagle.

In 1970, Kaiser Jeep was purchased by American Motors Corporation. The following years, AMC began using their inline 6 cylinder engines and in 1972 they offered a V-8. To accomodate the new engines, the hood was stretched 3". In 1976, the tub and frame were modified slightly from the earlier versions. The windshield frame was also changed, meaning that tops from 1955-1975 will not fit the 1976-1983 Jeep CJ-5s or vice versa.

To Place Order for Hardtops - CALL Jerry@

(866) 696-8908
(800) 664-8677


To Ask a Question about Jeep hardtops - E-mail: Jerry@rallytops.com