CJ6 and CJ8 (295 lbs)

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Jeep CJ6 Hardtop with Door Inserts 1-Piece Removable Top (1955-1981)


The Jeep CJ6 was a solid workhorse, no nonsense sport truck that could always get you out of a tight spot.

Product Description

Lightweight and easy to install. A Rally Top gives new life to your Sport Utility Vehicle. With a “Great Look”, your Rally Top, not only increases the value of your SUV, but you’ll notice a quieter ride. Your air-conditioner and heater will be more efficient. You won’t have to worry about somebody cutting your soft top to get to your valuables.

Jeep CJ8 Scrambler Hardtop 1-Piece Removable Top (1981-1986)


In 1981 Jeep introduced a new model with possibly the coolest name ever:

The Scrambler

This new Jeep model was a bit more sophisticated than the WWII era CJ5 and had a longer wheelbase with a bigger rear pickup bed area.

They had a relatively limited production run and are relatively rare.

You know if you own one, you are in an exclusive club. An awesome, exclusive club.

You also know that it has a solid structure but the top can leak. We have brand new, custom fit, paint match fiberglass tops available for your CJ8 Jeep.