Hardtop Type: 2-Piece Removable Hardtop
Truck Model: Chevy Tracker (1999-2004) | Suzuki Vitara (1999-2004)

General Safety Information:

Instructions – Safety

Your Rally Tops Hardtop will come with all the necessary parts to complete your installation. To safely lift and install this hardtop, you will need the assistance of at least one other person. The following instructions are examples of the installation. Please follow the instructions that are included with your Rally Top.

REMEMBER: It is the owner’s responsibility to insure proper installation and perform monthly maintenance checks of fasteners. Doing so will assure safe operation and long life of your upper hard doors.

Instructions – Warning

WARNING: The top on this vehicle is designed only for additional protection against the elements. Do not rely on the top to contain occupants within the vehicle or to protect against intrusion of foreign objects, nor injury during an accident. Make sure all brackets and screws are tight. Periodically check for tightness and retighten when necessary. Wear seat belts at all times.


Follow the instructions and perform the steps in the sequence given. Shortcuts to the directions may result in an unsatisfactory installation.

1. Remove the rear soft top. First unzip the side windows. Then pull down on the rear corners to disengage the soft top. Then disengage the front of the soft top and remove.

2. Remove the front soft top. Disengage the two black front clips above the windshield. Fold the soft top back and remove the screws holding the swing arm. The disengage the rear of the soft top and remove.

3. Remove all of the perimeter plastic hardware, with a screw driver.

4. The perimeter should look like this after step 3.

5. Using a Allen wrench, remove the two out side screws on the front section hold-down bracket. Then remove the remaining phillips screws in the bracket and remove the bracket.

6. Remove the plastic covers from the rear bow assembly. Now remove the screws holding the bow assembly and then remove the bow assembly.

7. Install the perimeter gasket. Start at one end and press on the gasket. Even up the gasket at the ends.

8. Install the hold down bracket. It has slot ted screw holes. Loosely tighten the screws with the bracket at the upper end of it’s travel.

9. With two people, install the rear section. With the washer attached, start the Allen head screw. It might be necessary to add just the bracket to get the screw to started. After the screw is started, loosen the bracket screws and push down on the top to seat it, then push down on the Allen head screw. You want the bracket at the lower end of it’s travel.

10. Then tighten the bracket screws and then tighten the Allen head screw.

11. Using two people install the front section. Make sure the top is placed evenly on the sides. Engage the front clips, using moderate pressure. If you need to pry down on the clips that are attached to the front section, you may. Using a pair of vise grips, pull down slowly, this will lessen the pressure needed to engage the front clips.

12. Install the rear arms on the front section and tighten.

Enjoy Your New Rally Top!

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