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Jeep Pre-installation Instructions

Jeep Windshield Adjustment

Very Important.............Do Not Skip This Step.

I know you’re anxious to get your top on. But if you don’t make sure the windshield is in
the proper position, your top will not fit properly.

Place your tape on the ledge on the top of the windshield.


Extend the tape to the rear of the body.


Where the tape hits the body, it should read 75 1/8”. Measure both sides. If it does, put the top on. If not, go to step 4.


(On TJ’s Only) Using a T40 Torx wrench. Loosen this bolt. It’s the one above the top door hinge.


(On YJ's Only) Using a T40 Torx wrench. Loosen these bolts.

Using a T50 tamper resistant Torx wrench or vise-grips loosen this bolt. On the YJ’s it’s on the top of the roll bar. On The TJ’s it’s on the side of the roll bar. This will be a two person job. One checks the measurement, the other tightens the bolt. Remember 75 1/8” on both sides. Once this is accomplish, tighten up the bolt you loosened in step 4. Now you can put your top on. If the windshield is properly adjusted. The space between the windshield and the door should be the same on both sides of your Jeep.
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*Jeep YJ = 1987 - 1996
*Jeep TJ = 1997 - Current