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1-Piece Removable Hardtop for Isuzu Amigo (1989-1994, 1998-2000) & Rodeo Sport (2001-2003)


In 1989 the Isuzu Amigo was introduced and there was nothing cuter.

This little sport truck captured the hearts of millions, and many people who had never previously owned a truck bought this little beauty.

It was one of the original sport utility vehicles, placing emphasis on the sport part of the designation, rather than utility.

Regardless of its power it was loved for the simplicity and ease of getting around.

Parking in tight spots was not a problem and this little baby just makes you want to give it a big hug.

Like a Chihuahua this truck is a great companion, but is a bit limited in activities.

We will always love the Isuzu Amigo, and will always make fiberglass tops for it to keep you warm and dry when you are navigating the wild urban environment.

A brand new fiberglass hardtop for this cute little sport utility vehicle will add new life to your adorable little vehicle.