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Chevy/Geo Tracker Hardtop 2-Piece Removable Top for Models (1989-1998)


The fun little Geo Tracker stole our hearts when it was introduced in 1989 as a brand net tiny sport truck SUV.

It is the predecessor to the Chevrolet Tracker and is technically classified as a mini SUV  produced for  Chevrolet  and  Geo by  CAMI Automotive  in Ingersoll, Ontario.

The Tracker is certified as a light truck due to its sturdier construction and off-road capabilities. The Tracker was produced under many brands in several different editions and in many countries. You can find different brand names of the small and useful Tracker, and they are all nearly identical.

The rear axle was a conventional light truck unit on coil springs and has truck-like underpinnings. This is good for traveling off road in harsh conditions but it also has a stiff ride.

The Geo Tracker is a durable sport truck and you see them everywhere you go. With a new hardtop, these hearty trucks can last for decades, and keep you warm and dry in any weather.

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Sport Hardtop for Chevy/Geo Tracker (1989-1998)


Lightweight and easy to install. A Rally Top gives new life to your Sport Utility Vehicle. With a “Great Look”, your Rally Top, not only increases the value of your SUV, but you’ll notice a quieter ride. Your air-conditioner and heater will be more efficient. You won’t have to worry about somebody cutting your soft top to get to your valuables.