Thank you! I received my new Geo Tracker hardtop approximately 4 weeks after ordering. Honestly, I was a little worried about buying such an big, expensive item and having it shipped cross-country. Custom Companies delivered it unharmed. I was going to wait for a weekend to put it on, but yesterday was such a nice day here (actually above freezing!) I didn’t want to waste it.

It took me longer to take off the old soft top and hardware than to install the new kit. The only problem I ran into was I had to remove the tailgate moulding even though the instructions said not to.

I don’t think it’s a problem with the top, I think the previous owner had the wrong moulding on there to begin with (it was velcro-ed on lol). Other than that, everything lined up beautifully and went together perfectly. Took it for a test drive and couldn’t believe how much quieter and warmer it was. So much more comfortable than before. Thank you so much! FIVE STARS FOR RALLY TOPS!!!

P.S. Sorry for the crappy pic…the sun was just going down!