Top Check-up and Seal Replacement on Fiberglass Hardtops.

These Suzuki Samurais are like Tinker Toys. They are strong, simple and seem to be indestructible. Since we are coming up on the 20 year anniversary, we thought you might want to freshen up the Suzuki Samurai body seals.


Follow the instructions and perform the steps in the sequence given. Shortcuts to the directions may result in an unsatisfactory installation.

1. OK, here we go. First, cut off 5 inches of the U-channel from the body seal. Next, using a rubber mallet, start the U-channel on the edge of the body.

2. After you have the body seal completely on. Take the half round side seal and cut the flat part off of one end about 2 ” .

3. Lightly pound the seal onto the body. Make the 90 degree turn and continue about 12”. Stop and remove the seal to about 6” from the start of the 90.

4. Clean the rear body flange. Apply contact cement to the flange area and the half round side seal. Install in the flange area.

5. Using black silicone sealant. Lay a bead inside the U-channel. About 4” either side of the 90. Do this at every turn in the seal.

6. Apply contact cement to the body seal that is sticking up. Lay the body seal down and stick the side seal over the body seal.

7. Cut the side body seal as shown.

8. Lay a bead of silicone on the inside and the outside of the side body sea. Also lay a bead on the inside of the rear hatch seal, where the inside bubble meets the metal.

9. If your installing a rear hatch seal. Press it on with a rubber mallet. Cut the ends flush with the door.

10. This is a neat trick. Put your finger in a cup of dish washing soap and run it along the bead. It will smooth the bead out without the silicone sticking to your finger.

Your Samurai Top is Good To Go For Another 20 Years!

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